Shelf Service

No Empty Shelves or Wrong Products with Botnia Bolt's Shelf Service

As the metal and construction industries face increasingly tight schedules and higher demands for efficiency, the need for fast and effective transport solutions grows. It’s crucial to have the right products in stock when they’re needed, or to be able to quickly restock them if they run out.

An appreciated alternative to our stores and online shop is Botnia Bolt’s Shelf Service. We deliver products to your location and restock them directly at your production line. This ensures that the right components are always close by, and it helps avoid unnecessary and costly production interruptions.

How to Order Shelf Service

When a customer wants to start ordering shelf service, we initially visit them to assess their needs and create a shelf map. The shelf map is a tool through which the customer, or we, read the shelves and place orders in our system. The order automatically appears in our system and is delivered according to the agreed-upon schedule.

The shelf service is always carefully planned to suit the customer’s needs. If you wish, we can handle everything from shelf readings to restocking your items. The key is to ensure that the contents of your shelves are correct and that the products are available when needed.

Our shelf service is particularly suitable for customers who regularly need specific products. We can do weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, depending on your needs. Shelf service is offered locally to our customers in Ostrobothnia.

Interested in learning more about our shelf service? Contact us, and we’ll provide more information!