Flexible Production of Components with 30 Years of Experience

At Botnia Bolt’s production department, Machining, we manufacture components using modern CNC machines and efficient process control. We handle the entire process, from the customer’s drawings and programming to machine processing and surface finishing. When necessary, we assemble the finished products. Finally, we send them to our packing department, ensuring you receive correctly packaged products with accompanying documentation, delivered on time.

We specialize in cutting-edge machining in various materials. The components are manufactured in accordance with the quality standard ISO9001 and to the customer’s specifications and criteria. Our technical expertise and know-how, gained from many years of practical experience working with various industries and materials, guarantee high product quality.

Learn more about our production services: CNC Machining, Assembly Services, and the services we offer through our network of partners.

Botnia Bolt Machining is so much more than machining