Quality and Environment

We continuously put in the work to evaluate and improve every aspect of our operations. Our management system encompasses all parts of the business, which allows for systematic quality development.

Botnia Bolt’s production unit and wholesale operations have been ISO 9001 certified since June 2015.

Environmental responsibility throughout the company

Botnia Bolt strives to minimize the environmental impact resulting from the handling, distribution, manufacturing, and use of our products. As a wholesaler, we seek alternatives that promote sustainable development and reduce environmental impact.

Our goals are achieved by providing employees with knowledge and opportunities to take responsibility for environmental issues. All employees are expected to comply with the laws and regulations in place. By using recyclable packaging, quality work tools, and external partners as much as possible, we can collectively reduce the environmental impact.

Environmental work within Botnia Bolt is an integrated part of the operation and will continuously evolve through new knowledge and experience. Our environmental impact is regularly assessed, and we sort and recycle waste and have agreements with Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd and Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen FTI in Sweden.