About Us

Botnia Bolt – A Natural Collaboration Partner for the Manufacturing Industry

Choosing the right type of fastener is crucial, whether you’re building a machine, constructing a residential or industrial facility, or ensuring that the roof stays watertight and secure. Fasteners may seem readily available, but if you want to be certain of having the right product for your specific needs and industry, it’s worth seeking advice from a specialist.

Botnia Bolt supplies the manufacturing industry with a unique range of fasteners. Our technical expertise matches the extent and variety of our inventory. For 30 years, we have witnessed the businesses of our customers grow, one screw at a time. Our fasteners, extensive production services in machining for the industry, and our quality testing together create efficient system solutions that save both time and resources, allowing our customers to focus on their core processes.

We understand how crucial it is to have the right products available when needed, especially in demanding production processes where downtime and extended delivery times can be costly. A large inventory, quick and agile decision-making, and efficient internal processes have resulted in a level of delivery reliability that we can only be proud of. Delivering the right product, technically sound and on time, is a customer promise that we fulfil every day.

Our strength lies in our adaptability and genuine willingness to find the best possible solution for the customer. Whether it’s versatile delivery and ordering options, production, or custom packaging, we are always ready to go the extra mile to simplify the lives of our customers.

Our door is always open, making it easy for you to reach us in the way that best suits you and your schedule. Like in all well-functioning relationships, we believe in being engaged and attentive, being able to adapt to the customers’ needs, taking responsibility, and keeping the promises that we make. With these principles as our foundation, we continue to build long-term relationships and long-lasting customer trust.

  • Established in 1992
  • 115 employees in the group

  • Serves and supplies the industry with a wide range of fasteners  that suit most needs

  • Offers comprehensive production services for CNC machined and technically demanding metal components, including surface treatment and assembly services
  • In-house quality testing and control measurement in the laboratory, including tensile testing, hardness testing, and clamping force measurement
  • Main customer segments are the manufacturing industry, metal industry, and the construction industry
  • In Finland, Sweden, and Scandinavia

The larger circles show our main locations while the smaller circles show where our salespersons are located.