60,000 Stocked Items and Fast Deliveries

Botnia Bolt has been operating in the fastener industry for 30 years, and in our inventory, we have over 60,000 items, primarily fasteners. In addition to that, we provide drills, tools, and construction supplies. Our product range suits most needs, and what’s not in stock can be swiftly acquired.

The Screw Specialist

The screw is one of the most crucial components, as far as we’re concerned. Along with other fasteners, they play a central role in almost all manufacturing industries where two or more parts need to be fastened together.

A machinery manufacturer requires different screws than a builder, which is why it’s essential to choose a supplier with strong technical expertise in the products and their applications. Thanks to our professional knowledge and extensive experience, we understand the customer’s needs and deliver the right product according to applicable standards, allowing the customer to focus on their core business. We take pride in our delivery reliability, and thanks to our large and versatile inventory, we deliver quickly both within and outside of Finland.

We also offer component manufacturing and custom details based on drawings for the industry. You can learn more about our Machining department here.

Quality Above All – In-House Quality Testing in our Laboratory

Regardless of where the fastener will be used, it must maintain high quality and meet certain standards for you to be confident that your product will perform well in all situations and not pose a safety risk. Botnia Bolt has its own laboratory for quality testing, where we put the components to the test and ensure they live up to their promises through methods such as tensile testing, hardness, and shear force measurement. Our operations are quality-certified according to ISO 9001.