CNC Machining

CNC Machining with a Customer-Focused Approach

Botnia Bolt manufactures technically demanding components primarily for the metal industry. We specialize in precision machining of small components with high finishing requirements, but we also have the capability to produce larger components. The components we produce include valve blocks, shafts, sleeves, and flanges for industries such as forestry, agriculture, construction, and machinery manufacturing.

Our well-developed and modern machine park consists of about 15 turning and milling machines that manufacture components according to customer drawings and specifications in both long and short production runs. Modern 3D programs are used for programming. Quality is a hallmark of everything we do, and our production adheres to strict quality standards for both workmanship and raw materials.

With 30 years of experience in machining, we have developed an efficient and modern process control system. We prioritize fast delivery, and thanks to a system that automatically calculates the delivery time from the date of order, we provide the actual delivery date upfront, making it easier for the customer to plan their work. Our production is flexible, and we can quickly identify available capacity to accommodate an order.

Botnia Bolt offers system solutions that save customers’ time and resources. In addition to machining, we provide welding, heat treatment, and surface treatments through our network of partners, as well as assembly services.

Botnia Bolt Machining – Technically your partner