Assembly Services

Faster Deliveries with Readily Assembled Product Units

We aim to provide our customers with system solutions that saves both time and resources. For many years, we have also offered assembly services for smaller units to complement our other operations. We use fasteners from our extensive product range, and our in-house production manufactures components that we then assemble into complete product units.

The details are assembled according to customer specifications, and once the finished units are delivered, they can be put into use immediately by the customer which allows for shorter delivery times. Our assembly staff has extensive experience, and they have access to purpose-built tools and dust-free facilities.

Our assembly service is highly appreciated due to the tight schedules and increasing demands for efficiency in production, especially in heavy industries. It speeds up the final installation and frees up capacity in the customer’s production processes. We take pride in our excellent delivery reliability and quality.

Do you have any questions about our assembly services? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!